About the Project
The association "Derech Kfar - Education Initiatives" operates two pre-military preparatory schools: one for boys in Hazor HaGalilit and the other for girls in Migdal Ha'Emek. The preparatory schools educate in the spirit of perception for leadership and social excellence and prepare youth from the geographical and social periphery for recruitment into the IDF.

The leaders of the preparatory school try to preserve the community of graduates that will be used as a source of information and support even after finishing the preparatory school.
The app is a closed social network for preparatory school graduates and trainees only.
To keep prep school graduates and trainees up to date on community events and allow them to share information.
Main Challenges
There are two challenges associated with establishing this platform:
1) Wide age range - Each age group has different habits and the apps they use. In order to adapt the application to a wide range of ages and ensure a quick and easy learning curve, we must make sure it is compatible with a variety of applications used daily by different age groups.
2) Maintaining a sense of community and family in a digital environment
Value Proposition 
* Keep the users up to date with the association's events and information by presenting it clearly in the app.
* A “safe” environment for the users to ask and consult about any subject with other graduates.
* Digital community for trainees and graduates.
I’ve conducted quantitative research in which 100 potential users were questioned.
The main results are:

Through the research I made, I found that there are 3 main personas:
Suggested Solutions
The research I did shows that the prep-school graduates and trainees need and want a platform to connect and keep the community in their life. The terms that need to exist for the users to get the value are:
1. Users need a quick and effective way to keep up to date with all community meetings and events with an option to set reminders
2. I need to allow users to share information in a close social network with an option to stay anonymous
3. I need to align with the industry conventions of both groups' frequently used apps.
4. I will make an in-house private chat option to allow the users quick and easy communication.
Home Page
I created a home page that includes “Dailys” - which is like “Story” on Instagram to allow all users to keep up to date with each other easily and quickly. The “Dailys” is also an option to create and share experiences.
All the important information from the prep-school is at the top of the screen.

Inside the channel page, there are 2 options -
1. Comment on an existing post
2. Publish a brand-new post
For both actions, I created an “anonymous” option button.
Additionally, I added a "reaction" option with emojis as well as a "sticker" comment option to encourage user engagement.
Personal Meeting
Considering that most of the users are graduates, there are 3 kinds of appointments.
The main topic can be chosen from the list that we found to be most popular or "Other" by the users for the mentors to be prepared.
This feature allows trainees and graduates to “tell” someone they need them without actually saying it.
On the event page, users can view details about the event and add themselves as participants. Also, they can share the event with other users through the quick share button and send a link in the private chat.
After marking it as “Going”, the event is added to the calendar automatically with an option to create a notification.
User Flows
After mapping the user experience as it is now, I distilled the pain points and tested an alternative. 
Information Architecture

Thanks For Watching!

* The work was done in a student framework
* Done with collaboration with Noa Gafla

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