The phenomenon of "freelance" among
cooks is growing.
Since the Covid pandemic started and all the restaurants were closed, people want the restaurants experience without getting out to crowded places.

These days, chefs and cooks can only find collaborators by a word of mouth from colleagues and there is no networking platform for this specific industry.
This process can take a long time and is not
always successful.
In addition to that, this is a short notice job and there is no diploma for a good cook.

To make the right and most effective networking connection between chefs and cooks.
Main Challenges
There are two challenges associated with establishing this platform 
1. Ensuring reliability -
It is important to ensure the identities and the information that users provide about themselves in order to create a secure and clear environment.
2. Finding the right match between chefs and cooks -
In order to get the most effective solution, users need to find the most relevant matches in the shortest time possible.
Value Proposition 
Provide the culinary industry with an efficient and reliable network platform.
The app was born out of the desire and need of cooks and chefs to collaborate and meet through a
I made qualitative research by interviewing future users of the app.
Through those interviews, I found that there are 2 main personas:
User Story
I mapped the user feeling through the process in comparison to my suggested solution to test my alternative effect:
Suggested Solution 
The research I did shows that the culinary industry needs an effective and trustworthy networking platform. The terms that need to exist for the users to get the value are:
1. Users need a quick and effective way to filter and sort to find the most relevant connections in the shortest time.
2. I need to allow users to get accurate results for them in a relatively short time (for example, a focused filter engine) and enable scanning of the results.
3. I need to make sure the identities are approved and real. 
4. I will make an in-house messaging option to allow the users quick and easy communication.
Home age
The filter option comes to make the most accurate matching and saves time.
Swiping the cooks and event cards right and left for “match” or “not match”.
I found that the highest demand is for service cooks and according to that I chose the filters and categories of the ranking.
Tags are for a quick and specific search.

Social networks as a source for verifying users’ identities. 
Rating by the most popular categories found in the research.
Tags for quick finding.
Event Page
Showing the income in advance for a trustworthy feeling.
The countdown for starting a chat after the matching. It should drive the users to contact each other.
in every new match, there is a notification for both users.
User Flow
After mapping the user experience according to the common habits in the field, I distilled the pain points and tested an alternative. Initially, I focused on the chef's user story.

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